Sunday, April 6, 2014

James Turk Sees 100 Percent Gold Increase in One Year

Has the price of gold has the potential to be doubled? Yes, says at least precious metals expert James Turk. And the expert expects that this duplication will take place within a year. In an interview with King World News Turk speaks also about the fact that gold has already trained his ground.

The founder of GoldMoney explains the low of gold had been reached last June. Since then, the price had never been lower. The depth is now gone nine months. This gold had formed a strong basis for a rebound. The same is also true for silver. This, however, did not fit to the continuing negative sentiment in the West. In his view, the downward trend had ended last year.
Turk believes that too many people would trust the negative image of the mainstream media with a view to gold.

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