Saturday, October 27, 2012

GoldSeek Radio Interviews James Turk

James Turk was recently interviewed by Chris Waltzek of GoldSkeek Radio. You can listen to that full interview here.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Precious Metals Markets are Rigged

“I think John Embry got it exactly right in his KWN interview this week, Eric. John made the point about the US election coming up and the effort to make everything look as good as possible. We already saw that happen earlier in the month when the questionable unemployment number was released.

That unemployment release even got the mainstream people raising their eyebrows when they saw the big drop. Now we are seeing it in gold and silver. Just about everybody recognizes that the precious metals markets are rigged, to use John's term.

As a consequence, gold and silver were beaten up a little, which can make a week like this one a bit discouraging...."

- James Turk via a recent King World News interview, read the full interview here:

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gold, Bitcoin and Competitive Currencies

"GoldMoney's James Turk interviews Félix Moreno de la Cova, who is a studied economist, trader and GoldMoney contributor. They discuss the idea of currency competition and talk about the pros and cons of Bitcoin and digital gold currencies.

Félix explains the working mechanisms behind Bitcoin, which is a digital currency. He talks about the decentralised Bitcoin protocol, which is the DNA of Bitcoin and assures that bitcoins will not be double-spent. He states that Bitcoin can't be shut down unless the whole internet gets shut down.

They discuss the differences, but also the similarities between Bitcoin and digital gold currencies. James Turk points out that using tangible assets as money eliminates counterparty and payment risk. Félix states, that the amount of minable bitcoins is limited similar to the amount of gold.

Furthermore they talk about the security of Bitcoin exchanges and the difference between money and currency. Both endorse the idea of bringing competition to currencies and developing new ways to transact more efficiently."

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Merits of Owning Gold

"James Turk of the GoldMoney Foundation speaks about currency devaluation and the rising gold price. How the gold price is rising against all major currencies and monetary policy is political, having abandoned all pretence of seeking monetary stability. He warns of the dangers of a hyperinflationary crisis. James also explains why gold should be considered money and not an investment.

He also talks of the coming dollar collapse and the waterfall decline in the dollar, especially since Ben Bernanke's words on QE. He talks of different examples of hyperinflation from paper money hyperinflation in Weimar Germany to deposit currency hyperinflation in Argentina. The presentation was held on 29 April 2011 in Munich, Germany."

Saturday, October 6, 2012

James Turk Talks to Félix Moreno on Recent Gold and Silver Moves

"GoldMoney's James Turk interviews Félix Moreno de la Cova, who is a studied economist, trader and GoldMoney contributor. They talk about the recent action in the precious metals and currency markets.

With the announcement of QE3 by the Federal Reserve last week the prices for gold and silver continued to surge higher. However Félix points out that September is traditionally a strong month for the metals which is why they might have rallied even without further monetary stimulus. He states that after a year of consolidation the stage is now set for much higher prices.

He points out that the competitive devaluation of the major currencies is continuing which in the end will lead to the destruction of all fiat currency. While the new liquidity injection by the European Central Bank helped to boost the markets in the short term and caused the euro to rally against the dollar he expects that the markets will soon again start to focus on the fiscal problems in Europe - none of which have been resolved yet.

They emphasise the extraordinary situation of negative interest rates and point out that gold prices are far from being overvalued right now despite the fact that gold is flirting with new all-time highs in euro terms. Félix is also extremely bullish regarding silver, though pointing to the high volatility. He states that accumulating precious metals will continue to be a great strategy going forward."

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Central Banks are Out of Control

"The Federal Reserve has been doubling-down for years, Eric, with QE1, QE2, Twist and now QE3, which has no limit. The other central banks have been doubling-down too because just about all of them are out of control. They refuse to admit, or possibly do not even understand, that their formula to create wealth by money printing is based on flawed economic theory which is just plain wrong. Wealth does not come from the printing press; it only comes from hard work."

- James Turk via a recent King World News interview, read the full interview here: