Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Gold Will Have to Double in Price

Turk points out that gold has moved together with the S & P500 up. Only through the manipulation of the central planners, gold had decoupled from the stock market and had less developed. Turk believes, however, that the movement will converge again. And to make this correlation again, gold would have to double. Accordingly, the expert expects at least as good second quarter of 2014 as the first. Over the next twelve months, the price could even more than 100 per cent down to produce the trend towards the Fed's balance sheet again.

If a scenario by James Turk, then stay raw material shares the greatest chance this year - probably in this decade. SHAREHOLDERS 'notes in his new report " 100 percent in gold, silver & Co "again a promising gold companies before. In addition, just pushing a small explorer in the view of investors. Both stocks have been under normal conditions, a 100 percent chance. Should gold really double in value, both stocks will go through the roof.

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