Sunday, January 29, 2017

Gold & Silver Will Skyrocket On A Short Squeeze

That will happen when central banks lose control of the gold market and their price capping efforts fail. It will lead to a short squeeze with precious metal prices taking off like a rocket. Will that happen this month? Probably not. But will it happen this year? I think that outcome is a high probability. It will result from the growing realization around the world of two things: First, physical metal is fundamentally different from owning an option or any other piece of paper purporting to represent gold. Second, the reasons for owning gold are becoming increasingly obvious because of currency volatility, rising inflation and the huge mountain of debt overhanging the global economy.

What all of this means, Eric, is that central bank capping of the gold price is nearing its end, which is the inevitable outcome of any price capping scheme because markets in the final analysis are bigger and more powerful than central banks. So let’s watch carefully here to see how this week plays out for the precious metals, and whether the historical pattern of declining precious metal prices during option expiry is finally reversed.”

- Source, King World News