Thursday, February 14, 2013

Gold and Silver Have Some Catching Up to Do

“Increasing attention needs to be given to what is happening with the quantity of money, Eric. All the money printing ordered by central planners is starting to take effect. US dollar M1 has now been growing at double-digit rates for two years. Over the same period M2 growth has been in the high single digits. Even the broader measure of dollars, M3, which is calculated by, is at 4.5%, which is the highest rate of growth in more than 3½ years.

Money is no different from any other good or service. It too complies with the laws of supply and demand. If you create money at a rate faster than the demand for it, its ‘price’ declines, which for money is its purchasing power. With crude oil and other commodity prices like copper continuing to work their way higher, the purchasing power of dollars and other fiat currencies is being eroded. So all of this money printing is clearly taking hold and becoming apparent. That gold and silver prices remain in their trading ranges suggests to me that both of them have some catching up to do with the price rises we are seeing in some basic commodities."

- James Turk, via a recent King World News interview, read the full interview here: