Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gold and Silver Will Eventually Become Overvalued, but Not Yet

"They (central planners) are running out of ammunition and they are running out of excuses for this system they are keeping together. Ultimately that is going to be reflected in a higher gold price. It (gold) is going to go up in the same way it went up in the 1970s when the US threw in the towel (on gold suppression) back then. Gold is going to go up by a much higher and rapid rate than any of us can envision.

At some point there is going to be a panic, but the panic is going to be by the people who are coming into the market late. I do agree that there is going to be a third stage to this market which will be the speculative blowoff. At some point in time gold and silver are going to be the opposite of where they are now. In other words they are going to become overvalued once again, just like they were in 1980.”