Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Gold Shortsellers Ran Into a Wall of Buyers

They then tried a second time to push gold under $1240 when New York opened. But the selling in the paper market by the price manipulators was hit by a wave of buying. The buying continued throughout Friday, and gold actually closed near the highs for the day, up $2.30 from the day before. It was another sign of real strength. To back this up, here is the third point I want to make about gold, which provides some solid evidence that I find quite amazing.

There is a little-known feature offered by the Comex called EFPs, which is short-hand for Exchange of Futures for Physicals. These are transactions in which a Comex futures contract is exchanged for an offsetting position in the physical market. These transactions are done off the Comex in privately negotiated deals.

Here’s an example of how it normally works. Let’s assume you want to take delivery of an April futures contract, and the firm that sold you the contract doesn’t have the metal in the Comex vaults. So the short calls you up and agrees to deliver the metal to you in another vault, at a price and on the terms the two of you negotiate.

Given that the short does not want a failure to deliver, the short will often make a concession in the price or offer other favorable terms to get the long to accept. Now let’s look at what happened last week. The following table shows the EFP transactions on the Comex.

First, this EFP activity explains why open interest dropped by 45,471 contracts last week. With that kind of selling pressure, why didn’t the price manipulators drive gold below $1,240? It’s because the open interest did not disappear from selling by weak longs. Rather it disappeared because the longs are strong hands who took delivery – or promises to deliver in the future – through EFPs. The 35,843 EFPs last week were a staggering 79% of the open interest decline.

- Source, James Turk via King World News, Read More Here

Friday, April 21, 2017

James Turk: A Massive Short Squeeze Is About To Send Gold Skyrocketing

First, despite all the pushing and shoving of the gold price last week, it only dropped 90¢ by Friday’s close. That is an impressive performance. Silver actually closed up 51¢ for the week, which I will get to in a moment, after we cover gold.

Second, gold came out unscathed from the battle on Friday, which was also the end of the quarter. We often see quarter-end window dressing by the price manipulators because a low price makes the losses on their short positions look more palatable. But that gambit didn’t work for them the way it used to.

On Friday gold was pushed all the way down to $1,240 during thin Asian trading, which was a perfect set up to scare and shake-out weak-handed longs, and also to get as many call options as possible to expire out of the money. But buyers appeared at that $1,240 level.

- Source, James Turk via KWN

Monday, March 27, 2017

Pierre Jovanovic Interview with James Turk in Paris

Pierre Jovanovic talks to James Turk about John Law, the Mississippi Bubble and how John Law duped the French people and the French Regent into buying his shares and allowing his Bank to issue bank notes. They explain how the whole experiment blew up in just 5 year and the terrible consequences for the whole of France. They then talk about the repetition of the fiat money experiment during the French Revolution and how that lasted only 7 years: from 1789 to 1796, with even more dire consequences for the French people. They also talk about current day similarities and lessons to be learnt.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Case for Owning Precious Metals is Stronger than Ever

Right now real interest rates are negative most everywhere. When depositing money in banks, you have less purchasing power at the end of a year. The minimal interest income you earn is not enough to offset the loss of purchasing power arising from inflation. While the Fed is giving the appearance that it is fighting inflation, the ECB, in contrast, is continuing to strive for more inflation. And there is no doubt in my mind that they will get it.

Central banks are not protecting the purchasing power of currency. They are all well behind the curve, with the result that inflation will continue to worsen as this year progresses. So notwithstanding what happened the last nine days, the case for owning physical gold and silver remains strong.

- Source, James Turk via KWN

Saturday, March 18, 2017

James Turk - Inflation is Rising All Around the World

Once the uptrend line going back to the December lows was broken, the selling in both precious metals was relentless. After declines like these, one would normally expect prices to bounce, and we got that today. But it wasn’t spectacular. I think today’s lackluster bounce occurred because of a big distraction. It seems most everyone is talking about what the Fed might do on Wednesday. But I find that to be somewhat surprising.

A small jump in interest rates seems to have been very well telegraphed by Fed officials over the last few weeks. So I expect that the Federal Reserve is going to announce it will raise interest rates by 0.25%. That also seems to be the consensus expectation. So what are the odds that the Fed will surprise the markets by doing something different? It is always a possibility, but the odds are low.

The Fed has often said that it doesn’t like to surprise the markets. Further, all their statements recently indicate that a rate hike is in the cards. So doing nothing or raising rates more than 0.25% is a low probability. The important point of all of this is that the Fed is a distraction. The steps it is taking and its announcements are designed to give an impression that the Fed is in control and knows what it is doing.

But inflation is rising, and not only in the US. It is global. Europe recently has been reporting some of the highest inflation numbers in years. When it comes to central banks, whether the Fed, European Central Bank or any other, the important point is real interest rates. In other words, real interest rates are how much interest income can you earn after accounting for the loss in purchasing power from inflation?

- Source, James Turk via King World News

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What Is Happening In The Gold & Silver Markets Right Now Is Extremely Rare

“The Comex spot gold contract closed lower nine days in a row coming into trading today, Eric. That kind of selling pressure resulting in a consecutive 9-day unbroken string of down days is rare…

The net result is that gold was down 4.5% over this period. But fortunately, support at the $1,200 area has held, at last so far.

The selling pressure on silver has also been severe. Even though it closed lower on only six of those nine days, over this period it was down 8%. Silver is now trying to hold support at the $17 level, which is being severely tested."

- Source, James Turk via King World News

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Gerald Celente - Polls: The People Want Peace, The Government Wants War!

Gerald Celente breaks down the current zeitgeist of America and how the left and the right are more divided than ever. The government wants war, while the average person just wants prosperity and peace. 

Can real change ever happen, or are stuck in another loop of insanity? Gerald breaks it all down.

- Source

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Gold & Silver Will Skyrocket On A Short Squeeze

That will happen when central banks lose control of the gold market and their price capping efforts fail. It will lead to a short squeeze with precious metal prices taking off like a rocket. Will that happen this month? Probably not. But will it happen this year? I think that outcome is a high probability. It will result from the growing realization around the world of two things: First, physical metal is fundamentally different from owning an option or any other piece of paper purporting to represent gold. Second, the reasons for owning gold are becoming increasingly obvious because of currency volatility, rising inflation and the huge mountain of debt overhanging the global economy.

What all of this means, Eric, is that central bank capping of the gold price is nearing its end, which is the inevitable outcome of any price capping scheme because markets in the final analysis are bigger and more powerful than central banks. So let’s watch carefully here to see how this week plays out for the precious metals, and whether the historical pattern of declining precious metal prices during option expiry is finally reversed.”

- Source, James Turk via King World News

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